Press Release October 24 2011


October 24, 2011: Solvay Bank Corp., the holding company for Solvay Bank, reported earnings for the third quarter of $1.5 million, increasing $14 thousand or 1% over the third quarter for 2010. The cash dividends declared on common stock in the third quarter were $.26 per share, increasing 8.3% over the 2010 dividend. Total assets at the end of the third quarter were a $617.8 million, growing $26.7 million or 4.5% over the same period in 2010. Total loans were $370.7 million, declining $2.1 million or .6% from the prior year. Total deposits were $556.3 million, increasing $23.3 million or 4.4% compared to 2010 results. "We continue to improve on our customer service model and product offerings and we are pleased to report we have increased our market share of deposits in Onondaga County by .6%." stated Paul P. Mello, CPA, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Founded in 1917, Solvay Bank is the oldest independent commercial bank headquartered and operating in Onondaga County and is committed to providing its customers with the very best in financial products and customer service. Solvay Bank has a Main Office located at 1537 Milton Avenue in Solvay and seven branches conveniently located in Fairmount, Camillus, Liverpool, North Syracuse, Cicero, downtown Syracuse and Westvale. Solvay Bank also owns a full service general insurance agency, Solvay Bank Insurance Agency, Inc. The Solvay Bank web site can be reached at

For additional information, please contact: Karen Zarach, Solvay Bank (315) 484-2213.