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Save a tree and reduce clutter by receiving statements online. Paperless E-Statements from Solvay Bank are not only free, they make record-keeping a whole lot easier — being green has never been so simple!

You will be notified by email when your E-Statement is ready for viewing. You can save to your computer and print if you ever need to. You can also view images of checks. Go green with Solvay Bank!

    • Free, improved alternative to paper statements
    • Available on all Solvay Bank checking and savings accounts
    • Available online 24/7
    • Simplify recordkeeping
    • Can be saved to computer or flash drive
    • Download and print as needed
    • More environmentally-friendly than paper statements
    • More secure than traditional statements; avoid a paper trail of private information
    • View images of checks that have cleared your account
    • Combined statements will show all accounts

    How do I sign up for E-Statements?

    Getting E-Statements started is easy!

    If you are an existing Personal Online Banking customer:

    Log on to Personal Online Banking and click on the "Services" tab and then click on "E-Statements" under the "Other" heading located in the extreme right hand column of the "Services" grid and complete the online form and submit to Solvay Bank.

    If you are not a Personal Online Banking customer:

    Click the Enroll Now button and complete our E-Statements Enrollment Form on

    When we receive your application, you will receive a confirmation letter in the mail. You will receive an email notification with your password-protected E-Statement attached as a PDF. At that time you will be prompted to enter the password that will be explained in your confirmation letter to enable you to view your E-Statements online.

    Will I continue to receive paper statements?

    No. If you receive E-Statements for an account, you will not receive a paper statement.

    Can I set up some of my accounts for E-Statements and some for paper statements?

    Yes. You can choose which of your accounts you want to receive E-Statements, and which ones you wish to continue to receive paper statements. However, combined statements cannot be split between the two methods of delivery.

    When will I receive my E-Statement?

    You will receive your E-Statement approximately the same time that you currently receive your paper statement. When new E-Statements are available for viewing, we will send an email notification to the email address you indicated on the E-Statement enrollment form.

    How long will my E-Statements be available?

    E-Statements will be available via Personal Online Banking for 13 months after they have been posted for viewing. You can easily save your E-Statements to your computer or flash drive for permanent storage.

    What if I have a joint account? Do both owners have to agree to receive eStatements?

    No. Only one account owner's request is necessary to turn E-Statements on, and paper statements off.

    If I change my mind can I discontinue E-Statements?

    Yes. You can turn off E-Statements at any time. If you wish to turn off E-Statements for some or all of your accounts, simply notify Solvay Bank in writing.

    When I open new accounts, will they automatically be set up for E-Statements?

    Not automatically. You will need to complete an E-Statement Enrollment Form for each new account in order to receive your monthly E-Statement.

    Is my statement information secure?

    When you bank online with Solvay Bank, your personal financial information is protected. To receive E-Statements you need a browser that supports secure 128-bit encryption. Solvay Bank maintains a firewall to prevent unauthorized entry to our systems, and data is transferred using a private code that encrypts the data to prevent eavesdropping, tampering, and message forgery.

    What do I do if I need assistance?

    E-mail or call 315-484-2201.

    Sign up for E-Statements today!