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Frequently Asked Questions



If I previously used the Solvay Bank Alerts, do I need to enroll in Notifi and set-up my alerts again?

Yes, you will need to enroll in this new service within online banking.

Is there a fee to receive alerts?

No fee to receive these real-time alerts

How do I sign up to receive Notifi alerts?

Choose the Enroll button within Online Banking.

Do I have to be enrolled in online or mobile banking to receive Notifi alerts?


How do I activate an email address or phone number to receive alerts? 

When setting up alerts go to the “Contact Options” tab, add an email address or mobile phone number, then click “Send Activation Code”.  Type the code you receive into the “Activation” box.

Can I choose not to receive alerts in the middle of the night? 

Yes. When setting up alerts go to the “Contact Options” tab, scroll down to “Do Not Disturb” and click “Set Up”.  Any alerts generated between the “Start Time” and “End Time” that you define here will be held until that period ends.

Can I review past Notifi alerts? 

Yes. Log on to Online Banking and go to the “Sent Alerts” screen. It displays a list of the Notifi Alerts you have received with the details. You can mark as “Read” or “Delete” past Notifi Alerts from here. You can also view past Notifi Alerts from our Mobile Banking app.

How do I delete or modify alerts? 

From the “Alert” screen, click the “Overview” tab to view all of your alerts. Click to “Edit” or “Delete” any existing alert.

What is a push notification? 

When enrolled for push notification, a message will pop up on your mobile device anytime a specified Notifi Alerts threshold is met. You do not need to be logged in to receive the message. Push notifications look like text messages, but they only reach your device if our Mobile Banking App has been installed.