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Positive Pay

Check fraud is on the rise due to today’s advanced technology that makes it easier than ever to replicate your checks. Fortunately Positive Pay can help. All checks presented for payment are electronically compared to a file of issued checks you submit to Solvay Bank.

If account numbers, check numbers and/or dollar amounts don't match, they are red-flagged as potentially fraudulent checks. We then immediately notify your company and let you decide if the check(s) in question should be paid or returned.

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    • Ensures accuracy of all checks originated from your company
    • Occurs before the money actually leaves your account
    • Improve control & security; fraud prevented before it occurs
    • Imperfect matches flagged before payment issued
    • Mismatched checks not paid, unless authorized by you
    • Prevent duplicate checks from being cashed
    • Daily, 24/7 service and convenience

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