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Solvay Bank has partnered with Syracuse University to provide mortgage options to university employees who purchase an owner-occupied residence in eligible areas

  • One applicant must be a regular part-time or full-time faculty or staff member of Syracuse University
  • Borrowers can finance up to 100% of the home's purchase price and receive the best available mortgage interest rate
  • Property must be located within eligible areas* around Syracuse University
  • Loan may be eligible for other homeownership programs such as the Homebuyer's Assistance Program
  • Borrowers may be eligible for a forgivable home improvement loan up to 10% of the home's purchase price
    • Maximum loan amount: $15,000
    • Must apply within 12 months from mortgage closing
    • Borrower is responsible for interest payments only
  • The entire mortgage process is handled within Onondaga County—from application to processing to underwriting to closing to servicing
  • Mortgage loans are subject to credit approval

Do you qualify for this program?  Contact the Solvay Bank Mortgage Team at 315-484-2205.

* Eligible Area means the East Neighborhood Special District, the Outer Comstock Neighborhood, an area in the City of Syracuse bounded by Erie Boulevard on the north, Interstate 81 on the west, and East Adams Street on the south, Comstock Avenue, Madison Street and the west and northern boundaries of the East Neighborhood Special District on the east, and an area in the City of Syracuse bounded by Seymour Street on the north, Onondaga Creek, Midland Avenue, and Kirk Park Drive on the west, West Lafayette Avenue and West Brighton Avenue on the south, and Interstate 81 on the east, constituting the area in the city of Syracuse, New York.