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COVID-19 Update: Our Customer Assistance Program (CAP), Still Accepting PPP Loan Apps

COVID-19 Update: Solvay Bank's Customer Assistance Program (CAP)

We stand ready to do our part to provide assistance for consumers and businesses that are facing financial adversity as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The following hardship relief actions are in place, effective immediately.

1. For Consumers that can demonstrate financial hardship caused by COVID-19:

The following financial relief will be provided to any consumer customer who can demonstrate a financial hardship as a result of COVID-19 for a covered period of 3/21/2020 – 6/30/2020.

For Credit Cards, we will offer payment forbearance for up to 90 days. TO REQUEST FORBEARANCE ON YOUR SOLVAY BANK LOAN

For Consumer loans, including Automobile loans and Personal loans, we will offer payment forbearance for up to 90 days; the payments will be added to the end of your loan. TO REQUEST FORBEARANCE ON YOUR SOLVAY BANK LOAN

For Residential loans, including home equity, home equity lines of credit and mortgages, we will offer payment forbearance for at least 90 days.TO REQUEST FORBEARANCE ON YOUR SOLVAY BANK LOAN

For qualified individuals, Solvay Bank’s Homeowner Emergency Loan Program (HELP) offers a refinancing option on residential mortgages, home equity loans and home equity lines of credit.

2. For Business Customers that can demonstrate financial hardship caused by COVID-19 for a covered period of 3/21/2020-4/20/2020, we have implemented the following:

Our commercial banking relationship managers will work with customers to find solutions to all those under pressure at this time through payment deferrals.

Please contact your relationship manager directly for assistance.

For Commercial loans, including commercial real estate, commercial loans and commercial lines of credit, we are prepared to forbear payments for up to 90 days.

SBA Preferred Lender Status:  Solvay Bank is an SBA Preferred Lender and is ready to help Central New York small businesses.  During this time, as new relief programs are announced, we will have access to funds as they become available. To apply for a PPP Loan, please email [email protected] to get started!

Additional Information on How to Contact Us:
Our Bank Lobbies are temporarily closed at all locations.

Our Drive-Thrus will remain open and will be operational under their normal business hours.

We appreciate your patience as wait times may increase.

If you require access to your safe deposit box, need assistance with an account question, or need assistance with a transaction that may not be conducted in a drive-thru, please call the local branch office to schedule an appointment.

We strongly encourage you to use our ATM, Night Drop, Online and Mobile Banking services.

For consumers depositing checks using our mobile banking app, we have temporarily raised the daily mobile deposit limit.

We have plans in place to ensure our ATMs can support anticipated higher volumes of activity.

You may request an increase in ATM cash limits by contacting your branch office or Customer Relations at 315-484-2201.

All Branch Office phone numbers and Drive-Thru hours are posted on the Bank’s website at

For general assistance, please contact the Customer Relations Department at 315-484-2201 or email 
us at [email protected] (Please do not email us account numbers, personal info, etc.).

For continuing developments on the Solvay Bank response to this crisis, you may call our
Hotline at 315-701-5280 or visit

We understand that the COVID-19 Pandemic will result in unprecedented challenges.

If your specific needs will not be remedied by the solutions stated above, please contact at [email protected] or our Customer Relations Team at 315-484-2201.

Please be aware of the heightened risk of scams and price gouging during the COVID-19 disruptions. 

Before entering into any unsolicited financial assistance programs, please contact us.

We reserve the right to modify or cancel the CAP program as conditions change during
 this COVID-19 crisis.