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Fraud Alerts

Don’t let the worry of fraudulent activity on your debit or credit card keep you up at night. If something doesn’t look right, we’ll text you. Debit and Credit Card customers will now receive a text message when a potentially fraudulent charge is detected.  We can walk you through the steps of securing your account to ensure your privacy and protection.

Fraud Alerts will come from 37268 for Debit Cards and 99350 for Credit Cards and ask you to confirm the details of the purchase with a YES or NO response. 

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    Why would I receive the text?
    If a potentially fraudulent charge is made on your Solvay Bank Debit or Credit Card, we will send you a text asking if you made the transaction in question.

    What will the text messages look like?
    We will text you the details of the charge in question, including the last four digits of your card number, the merchant's name and the amount. The text will also ask for a reply of YES or NO. Once you respond, the Bank will provide further instruction if necessary.

    What if I am out of the country?

    Unfortunately, Fraud Alerts are not available to customers when they are travelling internationally. International purchases may be flagged as fraudulent and we may limit use of your card if you have not contacted our Customer Relations team prior to your travels.


    What if the suspected transaction is valid?
    If you did make the transition, respond “YES” to the text message. No further action is needed, and you can continue to use your debit card without interruption.

    What if the suspected transaction is fraudulent?
    If you did not make the suspected transaction, respond “NO” to the text message. You will receive further instruction from Solvay Bank, including a number to call as soon as possible.

    What happens if I don't respond?

    If a response is not received within 15 minutes, we will attempt to call you using the phone number associated with your account.  If you do not answer the call, we may limit use of your card for your protection.  You may also receive a letter sent to your home about the potential fraud.

    Can I opt out of this service?
    All Debit and Credit card customers will be automatically enrolled in Fraud Alerts.. If you do not want to receive these alerts, respond STOP to the text message.

    How will I know it’s Solvay Bank contacting me?
    Our text alerts will come from the short code 37268 for Debit Cards and short code 99350 for Credit Cards, which will appear on a phone like a phone number would. We recommend you add this number to your contacts, so if you receive an alert, you know it is from us. Please note we may call to confirm details of your transactions that are included in the text message you receive, but we will never call and ask for your personal information.

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